No One’s Kissing Santa Claus Here!

It’s that time of year again when treacly holiday tunes are piped in everywhere you go…at the outdoor malls here in Florida…the gas station…restaurants…and even creeping into my two favorite SiriusXM radio channels (The Bridge; Margaritaville). Here’s your chance to escape the syrupy earworms of December.

This playlist is dedicated to Teran Hillger, faithful contributor of the Refugia’s quirkiest tracks—and most importantly a friend since 1968 who passed into the beyond in September. So humbled to pay tribute in a modest way to perhaps the wisest blithe spirit I’ve ever known and loved.

Below is a photograph from 1968. We’re the two lefties across the aisle in physics class. The following photograph was taken at our 50th high school reunion (two years delayed by Covid), a last hurrah as it turned out by a couple weeks

Once upon a time, Teran, this was our song, the first one in the line-up.

My thanks to all the contributors: pal Keith Glivens, AFF Rob, Anne Morrissey, Craig Hordlow, Mary Donnarummo, Rob (of FEELD), and Numero Uno. Thank you all for being here. And please join me in welcoming new subscribers: Roxanne O’Reilly,  Heath Rodriguez, Warren Schneider, Jeff Gleichner, Geo Gusikowski, Allie Gaylord, Bridie Johnston, Jose Jose, Mikel Upton, Vinnie Windler, Susie O’Hara, Dejuan Kiehn, Aryanna Wolff, Ricardo Hirthe, Jaleel Hintz, Jordy Cormier, Santos Friesen, Dayton Murphy, Wendy Marquardt, and buildingtheloveshack.

8 thoughts on “No One’s Kissing Santa Claus Here!

  1. Karla, this is such a beautiful way to remember Taren! He would love it. I still can’t grasp that he’s gone.

    Happy holidays, with good music. Sandy

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    1. Thank you, Sandy. As I said to Lou, I coulda written pages. It’s finally dawning on me. Gone, gone. Please step up and send me tunes!!! Please!!!! And have a wonderful, loving holiday season. Happy Pseudomonas florescens! Karla


  2. Thanks for the memories. Taren and I were together for 30 years. Getting to know Terry through old friends is very special.


    1. Oh, Bonnie, it’s the very least I could do. I hope you’re holding up well. Glad you have family to be around through the holidays. I’ll continue to hold you in my heart! A happy Christmas–of remembering all the years together. Karla


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