Lordamercy, Let There Be Music

As we drift into this fresh year, its Wolf Moon full the evening, I compose this for you, my young-2023 musical mosaic of artists and tastes. Nibble away; I hope you find a tune that fits into your own January soundtrack. My thanks to all the contributors: Nicolas Eckerson, Sandy Smith, Anne Morrissey, Rob Cutts,Continue reading “Lordamercy, Let There Be Music”

No One’s Kissing Santa Claus Here!

It’s that time of year again when treacly holiday tunes are piped in everywhere you go…at the outdoor malls here in Florida…the gas station…restaurants…and even creeping into my two favorite SiriusXM radio channels (The Bridge; Margaritaville). Here’s your chance to escape the syrupy earworms of December. This playlist is dedicated to Teran Hillger, faithful contributorContinue reading “No One’s Kissing Santa Claus Here!”