Lordamercy, Let There Be Music Redux

What? Another season turned? Already? I got that Tempus-Fugit feeling all over again. So, as an antidote, I am going to self-medicate with a lengthy, indulgent musical spree… …courtesy of friend Joe Morrissey, all-time Muses’ Refugia playlist contributor by track count, who curated this entire extravaganza, with me as back-up. It’s a dialogue between twoContinue reading “Lordamercy, Let There Be Music Redux”

The Fluidity of Melodies

Meet singer-songwriter-musicians Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson, the dynamic duo otherwise known as Hungrytown. Never heard of them?  You are in for a gigantic treat. This husband and wife team from Vermont are a a good part traditional English folkies and another good part of old school Appalachians, sometimes, it’s been said, in the sameContinue reading “The Fluidity of Melodies”

Our Words Began the Imagination, by Karla Linn Merrifield

Originally posted on Red Wolf Journal:
Our Words Began the Imagination by Karla Linn Merrifield of time, its construct of eons and nanoseconds. Elasticity sticks to my tongue and stretches across your upper palate as we attempt to pronounce the number of hours to germinate the idea of love. Likewise is distance reinvented every instance…

Mid-Winter’s Pause for the Quiet Beauty of Birds

The bird sitting atop my husband Roger’s cap was a Florida scrub jay, an endemic endangered species; see—he wears multiple leg bands. A rare encounter it was those fifteen or so seconds fifteen years ago. The memory persists of that blue wonder. The following poem and those that follow are taken from my 2007 chapbook,Continue reading “Mid-Winter’s Pause for the Quiet Beauty of Birds”

Back to School with Some Music to Keep on Learning

Whew, where did the summer go?! With days shortening perceptibly now. And, while the heat is on in too many parts of the world and in our own backyards in many parts of the U.S.—with wildfires and flooding—let’s chill out for a spell and enjoy some music. One way or t’other, let music ring. HopeContinue reading “Back to School with Some Music to Keep on Learning”

Nearly “Normal,” Whatever That Is

In this summer of the Omicron BA5 variant, I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering, “What happened to the ‘new normal?’” We’re getting there, but this dastardly virus isn’t done with us yet. Yes, the death rate isn’t as staggering as with the past viral variations. And, yes, hospitalizations are down significantly for the mostContinue reading “Nearly “Normal,” Whatever That Is”

Strolling Down Memory Lane with My Oldest Friend

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. And again. No doubt until I die: I am a fortunate woman. And this playlist post celebrates one of the reasons I have been so blessed in my life: friendship. This playlist celebrates my oldest continuing friendship, one that dates back to spring of 1965, when IContinue reading “Strolling Down Memory Lane with My Oldest Friend”

Two Friends, Two Fine Non-Fiction Finds

I first met Dan Giancola in August 2018, thanks to an introduction by his longtime friend and fellow poet William Heyen who’s one of my closest friends and a fellow neighbor in the Village of Brockport where I make my home. I became an instant fan of Dan’s poetry and a new friendship blossomed. DanContinue reading “Two Friends, Two Fine Non-Fiction Finds”

Shaking Hands

In my previous blog, “The Hands of a Poet, the Hand of a Poet,” I issued my readers a challenge:  Write a 50-word piece in any genre—flash fiction, poetry (haiku, tanka, etc. welcome), memoir—that tells the story of the photograph. The most moving response came from my sister-in-law, Patti Bourne, who lives in Lyons, NY.Continue reading “Shaking Hands”