A Time to Reap

I don’t know about you, but, of all the changes in seasons, the one from summer to autumn seems to me to be the most dramatic and definitive. One day it’s summer heat, the next day my heat comes from a furnace as nights chill into the 40s. Children go back to school and Hollybrook Road gives way from skateboards and bicycles to big (noisy) yellow buses. Pumpkins blossom on front stoops; jugs of fresh cider populate local farm stands, even as farmers harvest the last corn. Garden flowers wilt, leaves color. Lawn mowers retire and snow blowers are prepped for the first—Yikes!—snow. The birds migrate—me among them, a snowbird winging south to warmer climes where my arthritis is less problematic and the pavement less treacherous underfoot. Florida sunshine here I come!

So it’s no wonder I have an earworm that won’t relent. Maybe it’s a song more potent this year as I contemplate the death of jazz great Ramsey Lewis and the more monumental passing of Queen Elizabeth II, which I observed from this side of the pond in spirit with my British friends who contributed to this season’s playlist. Thank you, Helen, Julie and David.

The great singer-songwriter and social activist Pete Seeger wrote “Turn! Turn! Turn!” in the late ’50s; the song was first recorded in 1959 (when I was 7 years old), but I didn’t come to know the song until The Byrds’ 1965 rendition became an international hit. This month the song has been rewinding in my inner ear again and again. I’ve brought it up in conversations with several friends, and a couple of others mentioned it to me. I suspect my preoccupation with the song is connected to the fact I turned the big 7-0 this month!

Let the playlist begin…with deep thanks to contributors: Nicolas Eckerson; Taren Hillger; Julie Holmes, David Swanston, Helen Cope, Ahmad N. AL Najdawi, Sandy Smith, and Numero Uno.

Please feel free to send me suggestions for the next playlist!  I’d love to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “A Time to Reap

  1. Loved your karlapoet  post.  So many songs that brought on a nostalgia
    trip for me!  I think I missed your September 18th birthday, but I am
    sure it was special without my remembering (was on the calendar) and  of
    course, I extend my wish for many more.  Thanks for coming over before
    your trip south, always special.  And, you looked great! Besides many
    thanks for your gifts for me from England, I also wanted to mention your
    get well card full of raven/eagle power … so thoughtful of you.

    Bill drove me up to the farmers’ market this morning, only to be
    disappointed that Gregry’s Bakery wasn’t a vendor this week.  Once home,
    B & H actually walked around our McCormick Circle.  So, exhausted
    tonight, but got some air.  On we go!

    Have a safe, safe trip to FL.
    Hanny, who after getting that short “boy” haircut (gotta pay attention
    next time), shampooed and fixed it up…woalah:  new person!

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    1. Glad you got out yesterday. Little by little venturing back out in the world.

      I miss you two already. Love to the Great One!

      You’ll be hearing from me!!! XO, Karla


  2. Another excellent post.(James) Roger McGuinn and his wife, Camilla have been on QM2 several times. We had lunch with them after one of his concerts \discussions in the Royal Court Theater. He turned 80 this year and still performs. “Turn, Turn, Turn” vocals are taken almost word for word from Ecclesiastes in the Bible. We hope you enjoy Florida and we hope to see you in the Corinthia again soon. We’re booked for the Holiday Cruise again this year. Stay well and keep these great posts coming. Warm regards, Bob and Kelly

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    1. Thanks, Bob, for the kind words. Wish I could join you two on the Holiday cruise. Alas, not this year. Hoist one for me! And rick on. Yes, the lyrics are lifted right from the Bible. Smiles, Karla


  3. Fabulous Karla and the playlist! I know it’s too well known but Autumn being my favourite season with the nostalgic run up to Xmas and for all that you mention I still love Keats To Autumn ….seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness close blossom friend of the maturing sun……etc……and did you know Karla darling it was written on YOUR birthday … back in 1816! How soulful is that! Will write properly soon!


      1. Thanks Karla la! Yes been walking this morning all the way to Ware (6 miles there and back) with my pal Andrea and saw a kingfisher fishing in the river and perching on that long wooden bridge near our house and then been putting the garden to bed for winter this afternoon including planting hundreds of bulbs …..so I can “dance with the daffodils” come Spring! xxxxx PS Plum pudding aka Xmas pudding making next week Huzzah!


      2. Helen! Six miles, brava!!! I’m at a stand still right now. Oool is still foulded by hurricane surge and gym is closed. As 85 degrees with 98% humidity, it’s rather dangerous to walk. But soon! Here’s to those Christmas puddings! If their on the agenda next week, guess it’s time for me to order my holiday cards, this year’s inspired by my UK adventure! I ‘ll dance to yo.
        ur daffodils! Love, Karla


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