Photo Journey in Cancerworld, Pt. 1

I didn’t set out to create an album tracing the stops along the way of my experiences with ovarian cancer, but it seems I did document these first steps. One day I was the usual ebullient creature that I am. Then, BAM! I happened to notice in my bathroom mirror that something was amiss inContinue reading “Photo Journey in Cancerworld, Pt. 1”

Karla’ Great British Travel Show

I returned safely on August 31 from fifteen days in the United Kingdom–managed to get there and back Covid-free. And I now feel freer than I have since the virus invaded the Earth. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the joys on international travel–and maybe inspire to pack your bags and find your ownContinue reading “Karla’ Great British Travel Show”

Hands of a Poet, Hand of a Poet

Once upon a time there was a blog I created, Vagabond Poet, which after several years became for a short while Vagabond Poet Redux. Not too long after my husband Roger died in 2017, I discontinued the blog. But its still there at, if you’re curious. Then, in deep Covid era in mid-2021, IContinue reading “Hands of a Poet, Hand of a Poet”