A Very Mixed Bag of Books

A fantasy, a memoir, a poetry chapbook—maybe there’s one for you among this oddball gathering of literary pursuits! No room for comfort Dewi Hargreaves, a British author and illustrator, takes his imagination on a journey to post-apocalyptic northeast America (surprised me!) for this engaging fantasy dedicated to “the wanderers and the displaced.” In Eyes onContinue reading “A Very Mixed Bag of Books”

“Love Will Keep Us Alive”

It’s summertime, and the livin’ ain’t always easy. Take a break from the insanities of war, politics, Covid, and climate change. Listen to some tunes. Music heals. With thank to my playlist contributors: Bumble Bee; (@Bumble6671); Nicolas Eckerson; Dewi Hargreaves (@Dewiwrites); William Heyen; Taren Hillger; Julie Holmes, Mr. Kurt, and Numero Uno. And please feelContinue reading ““Love Will Keep Us Alive””

Hands of a Poet, Hand of a Poet

Once upon a time there was a blog I created, Vagabond Poet, which after several years became for a short while Vagabond Poet Redux. Not too long after my husband Roger died in 2017, I discontinued the blog. But its still there at http://karlalinn.blogspot.com/, if you’re curious. Then, in deep Covid era in mid-2021, IContinue reading “Hands of a Poet, Hand of a Poet”

“Funky country blues fusion”— An Interview with Guitarist George Ott

George Ott bills himself as a “long-suffering, underappreciated Jersey Shore musician.” At least that’s how he “signed” the blurb he wrote for my forthcoming book, My Body the Guitar (see previous post). As a thank you to George for writing the blub—and to amp up appreciation for him and his remarkable talents, I interviewed himContinue reading ““Funky country blues fusion”— An Interview with Guitarist George Ott”

Of Serendipity and Interconnectedness

This morning I received an email from out of the blue from a total stranger. It prompted many  minutes of reflection in my journal pages as I sipped my first cup of coffee. I first thought of Duwamish Chief Seattle (1786-1866) who said: “The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.Continue reading “Of Serendipity and Interconnectedness”