Lordamercy, Let There Be Music

As we drift into this fresh year, its Wolf Moon full the evening, I compose this for you, my young-2023 musical mosaic of artists and tastes. Nibble away; I hope you find a tune that fits into your own January soundtrack.

My thanks to all the contributors: Nicolas Eckerson, Sandy Smith, Anne Morrissey, Rob Cutts, David Brucia, and Numero Uno. My what eclectic sensibilities, making this compilation an especial pleasurable delight. YOU made this happen! Gassho.

What? Do I have a fave?

I’ll let you know when I finish the job. I’ve got me some re-listening to do!

Meanwhile, thank you all for being here. And please join me in welcoming new subscribers: Walker Littlel, Levi Paucek, Alford Bernier, Santa Orn, Margarete Price, Eduardo Lehner, Keagan Sipes, Birdie Kirlin, and Jedediah Hermann. Welcome, mes amis. Happy, happy 2023, my bloggy friends. Dwell in beauty with your muses.Happy, happy 2023, my bloggy friends. Dwell in beauty with your muses.


So, the fave. Tough. But I gotta say Eric Bibbs’ “The Cape.” What a message for an infant year.

And the opening photo? “The Wallpaper Guitarist à la Florida-da.” Zoom in and you can connect with leejonesmusic. He does his Martin huge justice.

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