Our Words Began the Imagination, by Karla Linn Merrifield

Originally posted on Red Wolf Journal:
Our Words Began the Imagination by Karla Linn Merrifield of time, its construct of eons and nanoseconds. Elasticity sticks to my tongue and stretches across your upper palate as we attempt to pronounce the number of hours to germinate the idea of love. Likewise is distance reinvented every instance…

Mid-Winter’s Pause for the Quiet Beauty of Birds

The bird sitting atop my husband Roger’s cap was a Florida scrub jay, an endemic endangered species; see—he wears multiple leg bands. A rare encounter it was those fifteen or so seconds fifteen years ago. The memory persists of that blue wonder. The following poem and those that follow are taken from my 2007 chapbook,Continue reading “Mid-Winter’s Pause for the Quiet Beauty of Birds”

Lordamercy, Let There Be Music

As we drift into this fresh year, its Wolf Moon full the evening, I compose this for you, my young-2023 musical mosaic of artists and tastes. Nibble away; I hope you find a tune that fits into your own January soundtrack. My thanks to all the contributors: Nicolas Eckerson, Sandy Smith, Anne Morrissey, Rob Cutts,Continue reading “Lordamercy, Let There Be Music”