A bodacious—compassionate—memoir

“Sugar Daddy culture is the patriarchy at its ugliest…. ‘Please Daddy, can I have some pocket money?’ is not autonomy, it’s not equality, and it’s far from easy money.” If you’re a regular reader of The Muses’ Refugia, you know I have a fondness for anything and everything that comes out of Guts Publishing, perhapsContinue reading “A bodacious—compassionate—memoir”

“Don’t take any wooden ideals.”

William Heyen. Richard Blanco. Miriam Sagan. Sharon Olds. Campbell McGrath. Marge Piercy. Dan Giancola. There are only a mere handful of contemporary poets whom I hold in such high esteem that I immediately rush out and buy their new releases the instant they hit the bookstore (or the poet kindly gives me a copy). AsContinue reading ““Don’t take any wooden ideals.””