Back to School with Some Music to Keep on Learning

Whew, where did the summer go?! With days shortening perceptibly now. And, while the heat is on in too many parts of the world and in our own backyards in many parts of the U.S.—with wildfires and flooding—let’s chill out for a spell and enjoy some music.

One way or t’other, let music ring. Hope you have a wee hoot dipping in and out of my collaborative quirky summer’s end playlist.

My thanks to contributors: my Darksome Gnome in my imagination’s garden party, aka Numero Uno who helped me compile the Ashokan Center (guitar camp) portion of this list; Brit buds Helen and Simon Cope; poet-meister William Heyen and high school buddy Taren Hillger.

As always, playlist suggestions are a treat! Drop them in a reply. Let’s bougie and swoon.

The Flamingos – “I Only Have Eyes for You”

America – “Ventura Highway”

George Ezra – “Shotgun”

Hozier – Like Real People Do

Justin Johnson – INSTANT RELAXATION | Acoustic Blues Guitar + Ocean Waves…

Stevie Nicks – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Tom Petty)

Justin Johnson – “Dust in the Wind” (Complete Guitar Version with Violin Solo)

Ashokan Center Selections…from the Love Shack beginning with Billie Holiday – “All of Me

Casablanca – As Time Goes By – “Original Song by Sam”

Lena Horne – “Stormy Weather

Frank Sinatra – “It Had to be You”

Axis of Awesome – “Four Chord Song”

Maria Muldaur – “Richland Woman Blues”

Joan Baez – “Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts”

The Band – “The Weight

Harry Nilsson – “Coconut”

The Blues Brothers – “Everybody Needs Somebody”

Folk Alley Sessions: Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band, “Ashokan Farewell”

And the remainder of this end-of-summer list, continuing with: Roy Orbison – “Crying

Metallica – “Moth Into Flame”

Bonnie Raitt – “Since I Fell for You”

Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire Dance to Led Zeppelin

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