Santé! Bon Appetit! The Finest Dining on the Queen Mary 2 !

Even if you’ve never been on a cruise ship, you probably know the tales of limitless buffets and great dining experiences from champagne brunch to Wagu beef entrees. Aboard the QM2, they take it to the absolute limit of the gastronomical stratosphere. So, for all you foodies out there, here’s the best of the best I enjoyed on my recent voyage on the world’s only ocean liner—in the Queen’s Grill dining room—the poshest of the posh.

Let’s start with breakfast!

A single eggs Benedict gets the job done beautifully.
An omelette to order–make mine tomato, spinach and Swiss cheese with multigrain toast.

Soft-scrambled eggs on toast rounds with American bacon. Creamy!
Knowing I was going to sleep in beyond breakfast hours I ordered continental breakfast in my suite. With a full pot of coffee to kick-start my day after late-night frolicking.

A mid-morning pick-me-up on a sea day following our northward course.

Latte with shaved chocolate at Sir Samuel’s, the chocolate bar.
Godiva chocolates,anyone?

It’s lunch time! Though not every day…keeping an eye on my waistline! I typically get an appetizer and salad or soup. Just right.

Chinese spring rolls with sweet chili and Asian slaw.
Creamy tomato soup to die for.
Crispy prosciutto and melon salad with herb dressing. One of the very best!
Apple and Gorgonzola salad with chicory and pecan nuts.
Vegetarian pad Thai with cashew nuts.
Cucumber panna cotta with citrus-cured salmon.
Happy hour at the Grills Lounge before dinner. A glass of Merlot and…
and tasty appetizers, including chicken satay and (already gulped) a tender wee meatball in tomato sauce.

And, by 7 or 7:30 p.m., it’s dinner time! (But only after a swim and walking nigh on four miles!) Once again, I go for two appetizers, and skip the entree, with dessert every other night.

And dinner begins with an “avant-goût” or “little taste.”

Salmon mouuse.
Prosciutto-melon wrap
Chèvre atop cuccumber topped with Greek olive.

Of course, wine with dinner, too! A glass will do.

I hadn’t had a Sancerre in eons, but it became my go-to glass of wine, with one exception.
Ahhhhhhh, a rare, rare indulgence: a single glass ($27) for a St. Emillion–heavenly
Always served by Nikola, our Queens Grill soommlier from Serbia. (Seated is my new friend and dinner companion Jo Robinson; not shown her equally delightful husband Nick, both from the UK.)

And now for the main course…which for me was often another appetizer or a half-portion of the day’s entree offerings.

Chickpea Dumplings with Curried Tomato Sauce
Lobster Ravioli
Sweet Onion and Goat Cheese Tart with Piperade of Vegetables
London Cured Salmon

And a few times I added dessert as a special treat.

Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Molten Volcano Chocolate Cake
Pears Flambe, with Chocolate Ice Cream–a Special Request–which they did for me twice!
Ahhhhhh! Pears Flambe!
And again: Pears Flambe!
White Chocolate Mousse with Creme Anglaise
Even if you skip dessert, there’s always a tiered tray of Godiva chocolates to help you finish your wine!
The happy diner!
And after dinner into the wee hours, there’s always a beverage to be had at one of the many bars. Here’s the bar staff of the Commodore Club shaking it up!

16 thoughts on “Santé! Bon Appetit! The Finest Dining on the Queen Mary 2 !

  1. I don’t think I can afford passage on the QM2, but if I could, I’m heading straight for the breakfast buffet!! Great post, Karla!


    1. Thank you, dear Michael. You actually probably could afford her. Lower decks are quite reasonable. She’s a marvel at any tier. And tge food is wonderful throughout, jot in the posh decks! 😁🍸


  2. Gee’s that’s what I had at home while you were gone…😉  I would have
    eaten it all on board and the QM2 could have used me as an anchor!


  3. Wow!! Everything looks absolutely wonderful! Most of that I can no longer eat due to the EPI, but I know you will describe for me every nuance your taste buds touched!! xoxo


  4. Ok Karla…stop with the exquisite foods and luscious drinks pics. The smell and taste must be extremely pleasurable. Enjoy your travels. Where to this time


  5. Sorry, Lou! Didn’t mean to tempt you so much! 🙂 Where to next? Two weeks in the UK! Leaving 8/15. Visiting many of the folks who traveled with me on the QM2 on my World Voyage in 2019. Reunion time!!!! You oughta try retirement! Luv, Karla


  6. The photos combined with your wonderful lyrical writing style bring back great memories of a wonderful cruise. It was also a pleasure to “see you again” after sharing the terrific ZOOM concerts of Kathryn and Paul Garthwaite.
    The “Queen” is definitely special and provides timeless memories (so much so that we’ve booked for the Christmas/New Year’s cruise this December. Thanks for letting us relive that special 8 days.


    1. Thanks, Bob! And Kelly! What a family we have! So happy to have finally met you two lovebirds! Here’s to another round. What trip are you on specifically in December? Who knows, maybe I’ll hop on too! TBD! Karla


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