Strolling Down Memory Lane with My Oldest Friend

Yours truly at Ocean City Maryland, Summer 1965

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. And again. No doubt until I die: I am a fortunate woman. And this playlist post celebrates one of the reasons I have been so blessed in my life: friendship.

This playlist celebrates my oldest continuing friendship, one that dates back to spring of 1965, when I was completing 7th grade and was basking in the joys of getting to know my first boyfriend. Holding hands. A first kiss. Going to Rochester Red Wings games at Silver Stadium. Spinning 45s on my record player in the basement. Writing love letters from vacations with our families, his sent from Far Rockaway, NY, later that summer of ’65 mine mailed from Ocean City, MD.

Fast forward fifty-seven years. We’re still friends. And together, he–aka Numero Uno–and I curated a playlist of times gone by over the many years and times yet to come. I also had assistance from a couple other long-time pals. So I also celebrate old friends Teran Hillger, Sandy Smith and Patti Bourne; and new ones: Craig Hordlow and David Purdy.

I hope you enjoy. And please feel free to send along in a Reply your tunes that spur you down the long and winding highway of happy memories.

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