I Feel your Pain

“What’s wrong with her?” my father might have asked. “Nothing. She’s just very sad about the dead raccoon,” my mother might have answered on any number of occasions when our 1960 Ford station wagon sped by roadside carnage, and I curled up in the back seat, whimpering, disconsolate. Same reaction on the beach during summerContinue reading “I Feel your Pain”

Taking It to the Limit for Springtime

Ahhh, Spring is just around the corner and no doubt you’re seeing signs of it everywhere, even if a new blast of snow is due to blast through. In the north, daffodils are beginning to show their faces and the raucous calls of migrating flocks of Canada geese fill the skies. Here in Florida, it’sContinue reading “Taking It to the Limit for Springtime”