A Dirty, Damp Dish Rag of a Book

Meh, meh, and more meh. I can’t recall when I was last so disappointed in a book, but Editors Hillary Jordan and Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan’s Anonymous Sex supposedly erotic anthology was so disappointing it was almost disturbing—I’d been conned. Last week Numero Uno called me, asked if I’d seen the morning New York Times bookContinue reading “A Dirty, Damp Dish Rag of a Book”

Merry, Merry from Lover’s Key

Temporarily suspend the laws of reality. ~Craig Hordlow, “These Dreams” “‛Oh my,’ said the woman sitting on a large dry platform contemplating her impending and near-violent plunge into a vast ocean of tumbling wetness,” writes the writer prone to metaphorically-driven lines. For she’s penning a fairy tale about a water sprite or a mermaid orContinue reading “Merry, Merry from Lover’s Key”